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History of Eddyline Kayaks
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History of Eddyline Kayaks
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Eddyline News

Canoe&Kayak Visits the Eddyline Factory

Eddyline Kayak owners Tom and Lisa Derrer invited Canoe and Kayak Magazine’s Jeff Moag for a visit to show them how the process converts big sheets of plastic into boats.



Caribbean 14 Review Kayak Fish Magazine

Here is a great review of the Caribbean 14 in Kayak Fish Magazine.

Caribbean 14 Review Kayak Fish Magazine – “Eddyline’s stretched-out fishing ride is a sleek, sexy sports car in a pickup truck world.”

The new Eddyline Caribbean 14 looks fast sitting still. It comes in eye-popping colors, in brilliant blue, look-at-me yellow and a shade of red just north of candy-apple. And that shape, the lines, the luscious curves scream out loud. This is not your typical; heavy-hauling fishing kayak. …

Video – Thermoforming Eddyline Kayaks – Forming the Future


This video covers the benefits of Thermoforming and why Eddyline

Denali Review – Sea Kayaker Magazine


Denali video

The Denali video – The newest video by Sheer Madness Productions



Eddyline Features and Benefits Video

Here is a new video on the Features and benefits of Eddyline Kayaks


Samba Video


Enjoy this beautiful Samba video by Sheer Madness Productions

2014 Infinity Seating

Eddyline has updated the seating for all 2014 models.

Our popular and innovative Infinity Seat has been taken a step further in comfort and adjustability. This new design allows the backrest and seat to move together for simpler trim and comfort adjustment. It makes removal of the seat for cleaning/maintenance even easier. These changes come with the benefit of even fewer parts and no welds. Less hardware and more adjustability!

We have also added a new duo-foam padded back rest cushion that …

The Raven wins the 2013 Gear of the Year Award from Canoe and Kayak UK Magazine

Canoe and Kayak UK Magazine has voted the Raven worthy of the Gear of the Year award for 2013!

Raven Review Sea Kayaker Magazine Feb 2013

Read the review here!


Outside Magazine voted Caribbean 12 best

Outside Magazine voted the Caribbean 12 one of the 7 best boats of 2012! read the review here



2013 Swift Paddle Fabrics

Check out the new 2013 Swift paddle Fabrics!

Swift Paddle for Breast Cancer

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Swift Paddles is making a special Pink Ribbon Swirl Paddle with pink lettering on the ferrule! We will donate $15.00 from every paddle sold to breast cancer research. These are beautiful paddles and will help make a contribution to the cause. They will be available throughout 2013. Contact your local dealer to purchase one of these beauties!

The New Caribbean 14

Eddyline is delighted to release the next boat in our Sit on Top series, the Caribbean 14.   This sporty kayak retains most of the popular features of the Caribbean 12, with some special additions and options fishermen in particular will be very pleased to see.  Two feet longer and one inch narrower will be an aid to those having to cover some distance to …

The “New” Raven

In the late 1980’s Eddyline introduced a new kayak called the Raven, chosen for the playful nature of this bird. This boat was a departure from typical sea kayak design at the time as Tom Derrer, from his whitewater roots, wanted a more responsive, maneuverable and fun open water kayak. The Raven received kudos from his customers and numerous reviews.

Outside Magazine 1995 & 96 “The Raven is kayakdom’s equivalent to the best German sports sedan. ..it’s the most responsive boat …

Caribbean Kayak Description

This is a good walkthrough of the Caribbean by fisherman, Victor Woolworth.

Bob Bellingham’s 1,600 mile journey on the Missouri River in an Eddyline Shasta

After 1,600 miles I feel I should say something about my experience so far in the “Barbara May” (the kayak, not the wife.) I am not sponsored by or linked to Eddyline the manufacturer of the “Shasta” in any way so the following is my unbiased appraisal. I purchased the kayak solely on the recommendation of Andy Bugh who undertook the same journey last year and then continued on down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Firstly I have to say …

Andy Bugh, Expedition4Education.org, talks about the Shasta – Video

Enjoy Andy Bugh’s new video about his 4,000-mile Expedition 4 Education and the Eddyline Shasta.

Caribbean Accessories

We have just added lots of new accessories for the Caribbean. You can order these through your local Dealer or on our Online Store


Review of the Caribbean (formerly Calypso) in Kayak Angler Magazine

Forty five pounds of lightweight fish catcher.  At Kayak Angler we love little more than boat news, so we were delighted to get this surprise bulletin from Eddyline. They’ve launched a new fishing-friendly sit-on-top, the 12-foot long Caribbean. Someone’s thinking of palm trees, silky coral sand and azure water.

Like every other kayak built by the Burlington, Washington company, the Caribbean is thermoformed from Carbonlite plastic laminate. The result is a boat that matches fiberglass for looks …

Introducing the New Eddyline Calypso Sit on Top Kayak

Eddyline is proud to announce the release of our new Calypso Sit on Top. At 12 feet in length with a 30 inch beam, the Calypso stability is extraordinary, yet the highly efficient Eddyline hull design and our smooth Carbonlite material lets her glide through the water with ease. Tracking is exceptional for a twelve footer, making travel over distance much easier. Easy turns are accomplished with a slight …

New Calypso Sit on Top

Eddyline’s New Calypso Sit on Top is finally becoming a reality. We are making the mold and should be ready to ship kayaks in November! This picture is a graphic rendering with some of the fishing options. 12ft long – 30″ wide – 45lbs – $1279

Lots of options – lots of stability – lots of performance in the water!

Andy Bugh’s Expedition in the Shasta – update

I just paddled across Ft. Peck Lake, over 130 miles, with waves over three feet and rolling over the Shasta at times. The boat and custom spray skirt functions outstandingly! I was able to keep up with two paddlers traveling with much less gear in a canoe and they are twenty years younger than me. This boat really handles the big water well. I want some bigger waves now! I decided to name my boat the Wave Rider. Thanks Eddyline!!! …

Eddyline’s Brand New Kayak – The Sky 10

The Sky 10 kayak came into existence due to the popularity of our well liked Skylark and the ever increasing demand for smaller, lighter boats. This kayak carries most of the paddling qualities and features of its 12 foot sister but sports a good 5-6 lbs less weight, making car-topping and general handling that much easier.


Samba Review Sea Kayak Magazine

Comments from Sea Kayaker Magazine Review: “A stable but lively boat for small to medium paddlers, the Samba is a fun kayak that maneuvers well and can provide safe passage in wind, keep up in group paddles, and provide an easy car top due to its light weight.”

“Surprisingly quick. It has an easy cruising pace of four knots! And this in a kayak under 14 feet long! Now smaller paddlers can paddle a kayak that fits and can keep up …

New Swift High Angle Blade

This newly designed blade is specifically customized to suit the paddler who prefers a high angle performance paddle. It retains all the power and thrust and smooth follow through of the original Sea Swift only with a high angle of attack. Typically these paddles are preferred to be 5-10 CM shorter in length than a low angle blade.

New Swift Paddle Ferrule, Translucent and Fabric

New for Swift Paddles by Eddyline: Available Now

New button Ferrule option available on all models with 60-0-60 degree feathering

New Lime green FABRIC paddle. Yes, this is a fabric paddle and it really lights up in the sun. Very cool. This fabric paddle is available with or without holographic stripes.

New rich, dark green translucent blade.

Brand New Eddyline Kayak… the Samba

As a child, Lisa’s father (who just passed away at 94) taught her how to Samba. She would stand on his feet as they moved to the intoxicating rhythms of Brazil. We thought of this as we searched for a name for our newest kayak.

You will feel like you are dancing when you slip into the snug keyhole cockpit and feel the effortless acceleration from your paddle strokes. Have a little maneuvering to do? Just edge this …

Aardvark’s Florida Kayak Co raises $365 for Save the Manatee Club

Aardvark’s Florida Kayak Co announces the winner of the Save the Manatee Club Swift Paddle Raffle. One lucky winner received a Swift Manatee paddle and the Save the Manatee Club received $365 for their cause. For more info visit http://floridakayakcompany.com/blog/2010/03/17/save-the-manatee-club-kayak-paddle-raffle-results/

Team Kayak Lake Mead paddles the EC 2010!

Congratulations to Robert & Druce for their 1st place finish in the Class 1 tandem kayak division of the Everglades Challenge 2010!
Here is a video set; …

Larger bow hatch for 2010 Skylarks

Introducing for 2010 a larger bow hatch on the Skylark. Larger hatch provides storage of larger items and easier access when removing items.

Eddyline is proud to announce the release of the Shasta

At last, a high quality performance tandem kayak with a whole host of options and accessories.

The Shasta sports an easy paddling, efficient hull with moderately hard chines mid ship for additional stability.  Multiple seating options allow the boat to be paddled as a tandem, with a dog or a child, or simply as a solo kayak.

This kayak has front and rear bulkheads and hatches for …

New Sliding Seat with Backrest or Backband

Eddyline has designed a new sliding seat for 2009. It is available in the Equinox, Journey, Fathom and Fathom LV.

The padded seat pan is deeper, with more thigh support. No longer attached to the cockpit rim, the seat has 3 inches of adjustment forward and back allowing the paddler to change position relative to the thigh pads for the best …

Eddyline and Swift Paddles team up with Save the Manatee® Club!

Swift paddles creates a special fabric Manatee paddle and will donate a portion of the proceeds from every paddle sold to Save the Manatee® Club.

For more info on the paddle or to order click here or contact your nearest Dealer.

For more information on the Manatees visit: …

Kayaking for a Cure

In May 2009 Eddyline customers Forest Rose and Randy Bourst will be attempting to kayak from Newark, Ohio to New Orleans, Louisiana to let people know about Gabby’s Gift, a fundraising effort in cooperation with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. All gifts made will be dedicated to childhood cancer and tumor research. The effort was inspired by a little girl in Newark, Ohio who has touched the hearts and lives of everyone who has met her….

Buy Eddyline Kayak Parts & Accessories!

You can now find easy access to Accessories, Swift paddles, Kayak Parts and Eddyline Gear in our brand new online store.

Click here to view our products.

Eddyline Featured in Thermoforming Quarterly

Form Meets Function: The Eddyline Kayak Story

Read the article here
(Adobe PDF File)

Product Change: Skylarks & Sandpipers

In 2008 all Skylarks and Sandpipers have front and rear bulkheads instead of foam pillars. We feel this is an important upgrade in the safety of our recreational kayaks. All boats will now have full flotation in both ends. In the Skylark, access to the front compartment is through a 4 inch Beckson hatch. The Sandpiper has a 6 inch hatch access to the rear compartment and a 4 inch on the bow….

Eddyline Fathom reviewed in Ocean Paddler, The Sea Kayaker Magazine from the UK

Eddyline sea kayaks are now available in the UK, courtesy of importers Reed Chillcheater, One of the four kayaks currently available in the UK, the Eddyline Fathom (the others are the Fathom LV, Equinox and Skylark), is described as a “Lively and responsive fun boat for improving your skill levels’, so we were keen, understandably, to check it out…

Read the full article in this Adobe …

Introducing the Fathom LV Kayak

The Fathom LV is a scaled down version of the Fathom intended for the smaller framed paddler. This sporty kayak retains all the delightful handling and efficiency of it’s parent, but is lighter and even a bit more nimble.

The Fathom LV still has comfortable leg and foot room for even the medium sized paddler and its curved foredeck eliminates hand or deck bumping whether you have high …

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