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Length: 15' 3" | Beam: 24.5" | Weight: 50 lbs. | Cockpit Size: Keyhole 35" x 18.5" | Capacity: 400 lbs | Stability: High
MSRP $2499 / Find out where to buy the Denali

The Denali is a lightweight and “performance fit” kayak for the larger paddler. It maintains the same performance DNA as the Samba, but scaled-up with abundant foot and leg room. The cockpit is large, and has a keyhole configuration for extra thigh support and durability.

At 15 feet 3 inches and 24.5 inches the beam, the Denali features our usual deluxe deck lines and rigging, our new, fully adjustable Infinity Seat and pads, drop skeg and retractable carry handles. Hatches are a 10 inch bow, oval stern hatch and a 4 inch day hatch just forward of the cockpit for easy access to your smaller storage items. The Denali cockpit is our large size, but with the addition of a keyhole configuration for extra thigh support and durability.



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Denali Review – Sea Kayaker Magazine



“We all had our theories about the Eddyline Denali when we caught wind that it was in the works. Most of the speculation centered on the idea that it would essentially be a larger version of the Journey which gave us pause considering that the Journey suffered greatly from a lack of volume in the stern. Anyway, the Denali turned out to be much more than an up-scaled Journey; this is a boat for the big boys! We asked Brett (our tallest staff writer at 6’ tall) to take the Denali for a spin and he gave her good marks for tracking, stability, and overall cockpit fit.

Full Review of the Eddyline Denali coming soon!

Happy Paddling and get psyched for warmer weather!”





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