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Caribbean 12

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About the Caribbean 12 / View Our Kayak Comparison Chart
Length: 12' | Beam: 30" | Weight: 45 lbs | Capacity: 300 lbs | Stability: High
MSRP $1,429 / Find out where to buy the Caribbean 12

At 12 feet in length with a 30 inch beam, the Caribbean 12’s stability is extraordinary, yet the highly efficient Eddyline hull design and our smooth Carbonlite material lets her glide through the water with ease. Tracking is exceptional for a twelve footer, making travel over distance much easier. Easy turns are accomplished with a slight lean and sweep. Eddyline applied the principals of the unique Gull Wing configuration on the Caribbean hull to retain efficiency and excellent tracking while maximizing stability. The extra sitting height produced by this configuration allows more comfortable seating while helping the cockpit and tank well to drain effectively. The large front hatch, center day hatch and rear hatch give easy access to most of the interior space. Sea Dog foot pedals, comfortable carbon side carry handles, mounting tracks for numerous accessories and an abundance of mounting surfaces provide a variety of options for customizing the boat to suit your specific needs. An optional foot controlled rudder and rear tank well cover complete the package. The Caribbean has a comfortable, high back seat and the seat well even has its own drain to keep you dry. Two scuppers in the cockpit and two in the tank well keep the deck drained well up to loads of 300 lbs. Beautifully finished with our high gloss UV resistant Carbonlite material, you are bound to appreciate all that we have incorporated into this exciting kayak. Options include: Footewell traction pads, Foot Controlled Rudder, Stern Tankwell Cover, Flush Mount Rod Holders, Front Hatch Liner facebook      https://www.facebook.com/eddylinefishing



NOTE: Feb 20, 2012 – Eddyline changed the name of the Calypso to the Caribbean. Everything else remains the same. The new Eddyline Caribbean is a blast! At 45 pounds it was a breeze to carry to and from the water. The large carbon carry handle made it easy to shoulder and makes a great place to grab when doing re entries. The initial stability of this kayak is better than any other 30” wide kayak I have tested, yet because of the efficient hull design and Carbonlite material, it was very speedy on the water. All and all I think Eddyline hit a total home run with the Caribbean. Dan Arbuckle – Headwaters Kayaks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNTrZBFRzMc

Caribbean 12 in Action

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwDo45e6cPk Caribbean 12 Review – Ethan Ebersold pictures and video Looks like a FERRARI IN EDDYLINE CLOTHING!!!  Beautiful and elegant are not sufficient to describe the first reaction.  Steve Murrill  Great Lakes Kayaks Victor Woolworth from Headwaters Fishing Team gives a brief walkthrough of the 2012 Eddyline Caribbean Sit on Top:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqiTsrGY_hQ Outside Magazine   The 7 Best Boats of Summer 2012 THE TEST: Most sit-on-tops are barges—impossible to lift and heavy in the water. The Caribbean sets a new standard. The boat’s lightweight hull is a slippery blend of acrylic and ABS plastic with a nearly indestructible acrylic cap. The hard glossy finish won’t break down from UV, so you can store it outside. The hull is shaped like a powerboat’s for added stability and reduced drag. The result: it paddles like a decked kayak with a solid, wide platform that beginners, anglers, and photographers all appreciated.

  Model Length Beam Depth Depth Cockpit (in) Seat Thighbraces Volume Bow Center Day Stern Total Capacity Weight Stability Stability
    feet inches forward inside aft outside inches   std/optional   cu. Ft. cu. Ft. cu. Ft. cu. Ft. cu. Ft. pounds pounds Initial Secondary
Recreation Sky 10 10' 26 13   35 x 18.5 Fixed optional High 0.8 6.9   1.75 9.45 250 35 High High
  Sandpiper 12' 28 12.5   48 x 22 Fixed n/a High 1.9 6.4   2.2 10.5 350 38 High High
  Skylark 12' 26 13   35 x 18.5 Fixed optional High 1.8 7.3   1.2 10.3 295 41 High High
  Equinox 14' 25 13   35 x 18.5 Infinity std - optional w/o High 2.3 7.7   2.7 12.7 360 45 High High
Sit on Top Caribbean 12 12' 30     18 x 47     High           300 45 High High
  Caribbean 14 14' 29     21 x 49     High           400 50 High High
Performance Samba 13'8" 22.5 12.5 10 keyhole 31.5 x 16.5 Infinity std Medium 1.8 6   2.4 10.2 300 43 Medium M/H
  Denali 15' 3" 24.5 14.5 11 keyhole 35 x 18.5 Infinity std High 2.42 8.2   2.82 13.44 400 50 High High
  Journey  15'6"  24  13    35 x 18.5 Infinity std - optional w/o High
   2.4 11.7
 375  49 High
  Fathom LV 15'6" 21 13 10.5 keyhole 31.5 x 16.5 Infinity std Medium 1.8 6.1 1.1 1.8 10.8 300 47 Medium Medium
  Fathom 16'6" 22 13.5 10 keyhole 31.5 x 16.5 Infinity std Medium 2.5 7 1.2 2.2 12.9 340 50 Medium M/H
  Raven 16'9" 22 12.5 8.5 keyhole 31.5 x 16.6 Infinity std Medium 2.8 6.2 1.1 1.9 12 340 52 Medium M/H
Tandem Shasta 16' 28 14   19 x 96 Sliding n/a High 1.8 17.9   2.8 22.5 450 63 High High
  Whisper CL 18' 28 14   35 x 18.5 Fixed optional High 2.3 16.6   3.1 22 600 73 High High
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